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Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme Therapy - Loomis Enzymes

Advanced Chiropractic & Nutrition Health Solutions provides comprehensive enzyme therapy for individuals wishing to achieve optimal health through proper digestion, nutrient absorption, and organ function, as well as support for a variety of ailments that affect the body due to decreased absorption of essential nutrients and additional stress imposed on bodily systems due to a lack enzymes found in foods common to our diets.

Dr. L.H. Webb is a certified Loomis Digestive Health and Enzyme Specialist (LDHS), focused on restoring patients’ health through determining enzyme deficiencies in the body and providing the proper enzyme support to help achieve optimal health.

About Enzymes
Enzymes are a vital part of our health and well-being, as they control every biochemical reaction in the body that keeps the body functioning properly. Without the proper enzymes, our bodies slowly deteriorate and become susceptible to disease and illnesses.

There are three types of enzymes; those that the body creates to digest food, those that are found naturally in uncooked foods, and metabolic enzymes that the body produces to control all the chemical reactions in the body.

If Enzymes are found in foods, and my body produces enzymes, then why do I need to supplement with enzyme therapies?
There are many reasons why supplementing with enzymes is extremely important to optimal health. The most important factor is the fact that our standard American diet lacks the enzymes we need to digest and assimilate the nutrients in our foods. Cooking food (above only 118° F), pasteurization, canning, and microwaving foods destroys and deactivates vital enzymes required to help the body digest these foods and absorb their nutrients. All processed foods (such as cereals, breads, pastas, cookies, snacks, food bars, and much more) lose all their enzymes during processing.

Our typical diets of predominantly cooked and processed foods causes an enzyme deficiency in the body, which puts extreme levels of stress on the pancreas and pituitary glands, as these are the organs responsible for producing the enzymes necessary to digest the enzyme depleted foods we eat. This stress adds up over the years; our organs become exhausted and tired, and don’t work as they once did, which eventually leads to various health conditions that plague many Americans today.

Besides the foods we eat, another factor comes into play with our ability to produce enzymes. As we age, our bodies produce fewer enzymes, meaning that all chemical reactions that take place are slower and don’t happen as often. This means that the cellular processes that are necessary for maintaining bodily systems and organs aren’t working as well as they did when we were younger; cellular waste takes longer to be disposed of, and nutrient absorption and assimilation inside the body doesn’t occur as fast as needed for optimal health. The older we get, the more important it becomes to supplement the body with the enzymes it needs to function optimally. 

How can Dr. Webb Help?
Utilizing cutting-edge technology, a take-home 24hr urinalysis or a Computerize Bio-Meridian Test will determine exactly which bodily processes are in need of enzyme support. The data from the urinalysis or Bio-Meridian Test will then determine which enzyme formulas need to be administered to help the patient achieve optimal health and well-being!

Enzyme therapies will help optimize the following:

  • Diet
  • Digestion
  • Bowel Elimination
  • Inflammation
  • Immune System
  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Endocrine System

Visit the Advanced Chiropractic & Nutrition Health Solutions today to begin a 
rejuvenating enzyme therapy regiment to help your 
body function at its fullest potential!

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